Industrial Space for Lease

A Leased or Dedicated office space is, essentially, a virtual office. Simply put, a virtual office is an off-site location where a professional staff steps in and provides services for businesses that operate off-site, allowing the maintenance of professionalism without having a building overhead.

Dedicated offices offer such things as telephone messaging and address services. By leasing this virtual space, the features of a real office are available at a fraction of the price of a real estate lease.

The upsides of a Leased Office Space:

Leasing virtual, or dedicated, office space is an effort at appearing professional while working from another location. However, with a leased office space, there are no real guarantees that investors and customers will see it as legitimate.

Some drawbacks:

Either way, the pros outweigh the cons. New Jersey Real Estate helps prospective clients navigate the control and credibility issues with Leased Office Space.

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Industrial Test
Size:  50,000 sf