Listing Your Office Space with Us

To Properly subleasing office space requires a detailed understanding of the process. Besides consulting the landlord, the most important thing a lessee can do is find a suitable tenant. New Jersey Real Estate can significantly help with the process.

Though a tenant may have vacated a space, that tenant must still meet all terms of the initial lease contract. Tenants, must therefore, choose sublessees carefully, especially when it comes to financial stability.

Success in subletting equals reaching as many potential tenants and brokers as possible. New Jersey Real Estate uses the following strategy:

Email: A listing is emailed to our exclusive database of prospective commercial properties.

Direct Faxing: Faxing more than 1,500 per day to an exclusive database of more than 40,000 New Jersey companies that occupy similar space size or have the same usage requirements.

Direct Telemarketing: Calls go out to the president of companies, promoting available space.

Advertising: Ads purchased in the New York Times, as well as Industry targeted publications.

Office Space Listings: Listing property with all real estate databases available to both brokers and clients.


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